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Splotts Moor's unique décor offerings, one-of-a-kind celebration spaces, and attention to the littlest details make your big event a day full of laughter and sunny smiles, no matter the weather!
Our deck chairs and boat seating provides your wedding with a nifty nautical touch!

 Bunting is an essential decoration for festival-style weddings and handfastings!

Splotts Moor's famously lush garden, full of blooms and comfy furniture, is a great place to enjoy a drink and a chat.
Hire our authentic olive cart, from which you can serve your guests some refreshing welcome drinks.
There's nothing trendier - and more traditionally English! - than a tea party amongst the flowers.
We source and arrange gorgeous wildflowers from our grounds to add country charm to your indoor and outdoor tables.
Ask about lighting options - we have loads of lovely lanterns that provide whimsical mood lighting.

Fun and games for all ages! Treat your guests to a selection of outdoor activities that no-one is too old or too dressed-up to enjoy!

What's your favourite Splotts Moor memory? If you have photos you're happy to share, message us on Facebook to be featured here!

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